Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ

We are Stevens Books and we yearn for Kingdom of God in San Francisco. We pray and serve with this goal in mind. Our ministry is located in SF with desire to collect and distribute Christian books with deep knowledge of Gospel in this secular city to everybody who treasures it. Books contain secrets about the eternal truth of Gospel and we wish to collect them and reuse them for those who need them. We seek to became the #1 hub for Christian books and resources in the city and with overflowing blessing of books bless others nationwide and globally. Let's provide and donate together Christian academic books to mission fields and start up seminaries in US and all over the world and greatly support God's movement of recovery of this world! Let's support mission.

Please visit and support us if you are able to. Let us know what we can do to serve the needs of your church.

Merry and Joyful Christmas from Stevens Books

In the process of collecting and distributing precious books for mission fields we would like to encourage you to use our bookstore for Christian book resources you need.

We are now carrying the latest title from Timothy Keller called "Hidden Christmas." It is a very graceful book about bringing Jesus Christ back to Christmas. It is a page turner that speaks of incarnated God who walked among us and changed history forever.

We want to offer you a special BONUS for you and your congregation as well. With the purchase of every single book, we will provide a free gift of 100+ sermons from Timothy Keller.

We hope that the book and sermons will help bring Jesus and Christmas back to San Francisco.
Hidden Christmas can be ordered online and shipped to your location, or you can pick it up in our retail store. When the purchase is online all the benefits are included and sent by email.

Please share this great opportunity with you congregation if it is relevant, and we hope to see you soon in Stevens Books. For bulk orders please contact us directly.

Keller shares, "If you're my age and you've been preaching for 40 years, you've talked about Christmas a lot. Every time I get to the Christmas season I realize this is such an important message, and people don't hear it, they just tune out what the Christian idea of Christmas claims to be… this is a bit of a wake-up call, and a non-sentimental book on Christmas."

Feel free to visit, call, or email us.


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